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Sunny Apinchapong-Yang was born in Bangkok Thailand, where his Chinese parents settled after the war.
He arrived in the United States in 1970 where he received his first formal art instruction. He attended the Art Center College of Design and Cal State University Los Angeles, earning both B.A and M.A. degrees in fine art.
In 1977 Sunny began studying painting on scholarship at the Sergei Bongart School of Art in Los Angeles. He later worked as Mr. Bongart’s assistant at the L.A. school and at his summer workshops in Idaho. During the time that Sunny was with Sergei
He had also studied with other teachers such as Vernon Wilson, Dan McCaw and Delbert Gish.
Sunny has won numerous awards for his paintings in regional competitions and held private workshops around the country.
Sunny is a Signature member of California Art Club and also the member of Oil Painters of America…..


“The use of craft in any medium is to pay homage to one’s teacher and is the basis of all important work within any art form. Couple with the releasing of one’s sub-conscious impulses into that specific form is in my opinion the most valuable of all the many attributes of the artist.”
“Sunny Apinchapong-Yang is able to institue craft with his sensitive understanding of the sub-conscious and can best be described by one word……master.” Los Angeles, 1990

Gene Hackman


“The paintings of Sunny Apinchapong-Yand were unknown to me before I saw them in Dublin a few years ago. They provided a sharp contrast to the present Irish fashion. In portraitures he has a marked gift, and when I saw his exhibition in Dublin my money would have been on his future as a portrait painter…at first glace. On further consideration, I decided that his scenic pictures are at present his happiest.” Dublin, Ireland 1989

Terence de Vere White
Author and Editor for Irish Times,
Vice-Chairman of the National Gallery of Ireland

San Pedro Harbor
San Pedro Harbor
20 " x 24"

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